Lil Nas X’s onstage kiss earns massive praise


US rapper Lil Nas X made fans’ jaws drop with his onstage performance where he kissed a male dancer. 

In a Michael Jackson ‘Remember The Time’-inspired performance for his homoerotic hit “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” at the 2021 edition of the Black Entertainment Awards (BET), ending it by passionately kissing one of his male backup dancers. 

Instead of the expected mass scorn on social media, Nas’ performance was met with major praise, with big names in the hip-hop industry like Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs expressing said support on Twitter

Combs tweeted: “Lil Nas X did that!! Be fearless!!!”, to which Nas replied with “WHATTT” to emphasise his shock. 

The rapper came out as gay in 2019 on the last day of pride month, while riding on the success of his debut crossover country/hip-hop song “Old Town Road” with Billy Ray Cyrus. 

Nas had explained on Twitter that one of the reasons why he took long to come out was due to the known country and hip-hop fanbases being historically conservative when it comes to homosexuality.

The unending support by fans and other musicians for the 22-year-old rapper and increasing Black LGBT+ visibility in music, has prompted him in releasing more bolder singles and music videos with a lot more visible themes related to homosexuality. 

American author Michael Arceneaux praised the performance, saying “I’m glad Lil Nas X did that kiss at the end. So many needed to see that for different reasons.”

A fan, Wockesha, expressed their satisfaction over the display, tweeting “That Lil Nas X performance was definitely performance of the night. A pop culture moment. #BETAwards.”

Nyla wrote: “Lil Nas X finna piss off homophobics off and I’m loving every moment of him making y’all sick.”

His song “Montero” features a music video in which Nas is depicted as an angel being cast out of the Garden of Eden, riding a stripper pole to Hell, and giving Satan a lapdance.

Other LGBT+ artists who appeared at the BET Awards included rapper Tyler, The Creator and veteran rapper Queen Latifah was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award as one of the USA’s most celebrated female rappers.

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