Who’s hot: Santrinos Raphaël, “gem of Togolese RnB”


THE darling of Togolese youth audiences may not be well known internationally but this artist is young enough that he can happily wait for that fame to come. Certainly, regional recognition has already come the way of the 21 years young West African. His name? Santrinos Raphaël.

For Santrinos Raphaël, it all started with the 2018 hit, “Engagement” which allowed him to make a remarkable entry into the world of Togolese showbiz.

With more than 905,000 views on YouTube, the song has been instrumental in the career of the young crooner. It won him a number of trophies at the All Music Awards Togo the same year and also got him signed with production house MANSA, providing visibility through Trace TV, a regional showcase for afro-pop music.

“The ardent work done by MANSA will allow Santrinos Raphaël to release his first eighteen (18) track ‘Believe in Me’ album on July 27, 2018, the same date he graduated from Business Communication. His album propels him very high and allows him to be a winner at the ALLMA-Togo (All Music Awards-Togo),” wrote online newspaper myafricainfos.

“The record for the most successful young Togolese artist of 2018 with 8 trophies,” adds the site.

A collaboration with Beninese singer Zeynab gave him international stature. This song, “Waa”, he rejoices, “is the result of a true cultural mix and this song tells a magnificent story between Togo and Benin”. And as the icing on the cake, the song “Monica” was recorded with Ghanaian star Stoneboy.

Nicknamed by his fans the “Togolese Dadju”, Santrinos Raphael is presented on Facebook as the “star of Togolese music”. Certainly, no one comes close, in the Togolese RnB stable.

The artist says he draws his inspiration from what he sees around him and he sings in Ewe and in French.

It also doesn’t hurt to be the friend of a famous footballer. Santrinos Raphaël can boast of being close with the former captain of the Togo Sparrowhawks – and former Arsenal, Manchester United and Real Madrid footballer – Emmanuel Adebayor. The Togolese footballer became a fan after witnessing a performance by the youngster.

“After that, he invited me to his place and since then he has never stopped supporting me”, said the singer. The youngster returned the favour with an appearance for Adebayor’s birthday – an event that went viral on social media.

Santrinos Raphaël is active on social media. “When I look at my life, I give thanks and I thank the Almighty for all he does for me. For all these people that he puts in my path and for my dreams that he allows me to fulfil,” he writes.

Born in Bè, a popular district of Lomé, Santrinos Raphaël’s real name is Elpidio Atassé Hounou. He began to take a serious interest in music at the Collège Saint-Joseph de Lomé. His efforts were later crowned with “Your Number” in 2014 and “All Night”, three years later in collaboration with Bobinobeats.


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