10 African fashion influencers you should follow


IT is no secret that Africa is home to some of the world’s most fashionable, both in the creation and wearing stylish garments. 

One of the most riveting aspects about Africa’s multi-ethnic landscape is that it brings about so many ideas and concepts to conventional fashion terms and inspirations. 

Africans, like other indigenous groups around the world, have the ability to make their own traditional attire to be a visionary fashion art piece, styled in their own way. 

Influencers like to (and effortlessly do ) mix their own style signatures with global fashion trends, to which some of the outfits and content created by those influencers will end up in fashion magazine spreads than the common sighting of an 

The list below features some of the continent’s most highlighted fashion icons in streetwear and luxury couture.


Moroccan blogger Mohcine Aoki Harris has streetwear looks for almost every occasion. His blog and Instagram page features content with Harris enacting some of the most mundane tasks on the street, in an extremely stylish manner. Harris often rocks looks by Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang; and has worked with Samsung on some of his fashion content.


Afua Rida is a popular travel content creator who shares her globetrotting adventures on both Youtube and Instagram. The fashion consultant has worked with various global fashion brands, and heavily promotes Black brands on her page, including black designers like Hanifa; Talensi and Sakicole.


Nabilah is a phenomenon when it comes to being a fashion influencer. The Cape Town businesswoman created her brand from posting her daily outfits on Instagram, fostering a following which is now at. She has collaborated with many brands including Witchery, Coach New York, Louis Vuitton and Adidas.  


Somaya Nabil is a well-known fashion designer in Egypt with her brand Somaya Nabil Designs, so it only makes sense that she has a glamorous sense of fashion.

Nabil is a great fashion influencer within the musim community of Northern Africa, but her style is also perfect for those women who prefer a more modest fashion style.


Many beauty lovers may be synonymous with the name Dimma Umeh, a beauty star based in Nigeria, with a whopping 1 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. 

As a content creator, Umeh has become one of the biggest African voices on social media when it comes to promoting her make-up skills, black beauty and talent from West Africa.  


Successful stylist, influencer and writer Aqeelah Barron-Ally is a gem of a fashion influencer. Based in Cape Town, Barron-Ally turns any wardrobe piece into either a wonderful fashion accessory or fashion look. 

She has been featured in the pages of Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, and often uses her blog – Fashion Breed – and Instagram page as her online canvas for all her fashion tips and tricks and gallivanting adventures.


If ever you wanted to follow an influencer who slays with her vacation content then Joy Kendi should be on your list. Kendi has grown to be a much-followed content creator who jets to tropical destinations that are on many of our bucket lists.

Her fashion and travel content are some of the trendiest endorsements for Kenya’s tourist destinations, and her stylish outfits are really just the icing on the cake. It’s not long before you see Kendi using your backyard as an amazing background for her next Youtube video or Instagram post.


Trevor Stuurman’s name has appeared much more recently in acclaimed contemporary works, which speaks to the visual artist’s repertoire as an influential creative force and contributor. Stuurman has worked as a contributor for British Vogue and as a style contributor for Black is King. He was awarded the Elle Style Reporter Title in 2012. 

His work is not the only popular aspect of Stuurman, because his style is just as contemporarily daring and influential as his work. Just take a look at his Picture below.


Kefilwe Mabote is what one would call a muse for luxury fashion, and it works. She has won multiple awards as a luxury content influencer. Mabote became a popular luxury fashion influencer on Instagram with her creative fashion content, dressing in the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Christian Dior. 

Many of Mabote’s posts will have you itching to create a similar budget-friendly outfit to Mabote’s extravagant looks, and her posts are often joined by fellow luxury influencer Sarah Langa.


Lourens Gebhardt is a dapper Namibian influencer who never drops the ball when it comes to his sophisticated, vintage-inspired outfits. Gebhardt describes himself as “the epitome of everything vintage”, and dresses impeccably in print suits, and graphic ties, with a dandy leather satchel. 

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