Get in the mood for summer with these looks


AS the warm season of summer approaches, the temperatures call for brighter colours and lighter materials – pushing some to explore the rainbow with their wardrobe. 

Looks from the likes of DASKA, Chanel, South Africa’s Rich Mnisi; Nigeria’s Lynne Kayenne; and Versace all offer some of the chicest, summery styles that one can use (or gain inspiration) when creating their attires either for the Instagram timeline or the streets of their city. Have a look below at some of our summer inspirations. 

Lynne Kayenne

African Print will never go out of fashion simply because of how embedded it is in African culture, but what makes it eye-catching is the creative ways the various prints from across the continent are styled or remixed in different looks for almost every occasion.

Take the natural forest hues and other shades of green which dominate Lynne Kayenne’s newest collection, which can be considered a favourite for the summer season as outfit ideas for a picnic, a summer festival or a casual day out. 

Picture: Supplied/Lynne Kayenne


For those who are fans of the modest look, or who may need an idea for the day, DASKA offers lovely, bright inspired summer looks from their latest spring/summer lookbook that include chic maxi and wrap dresses that come in different shades of pink, red and yellow. 

Picture: Supplied/Daska

Adidas x IVY PARK 

There is no doubt that when it comes to celebrity fashion collections, any collection designed or co-signed by Beyonce will be welcomed and explored with a plethora of style inspirations for all shapes, and genders.

One of her latest collections titled ‘Rodeo’ is inspired by her hometown of Houston, Texas – and gives one the versatility of rocking cobalt blue, full-on denim, cow print or a lavender two-piece attire to hit the streets of Lagos, Nairobi, Los Angeles or Cape Town (as seen below).


If you fancy dressing in a French aesthetic that is inspired by a specific timeline, then look no further than with Chanel’s Spring/Summer capsule collection titled ‘Coco Neige’, which very much speaks to the athleisure style sought after by fashion enthusiasts who enjoy looking stylish even on their off days in matching pink-two pieces and white overalls.

Rich Mnisi

Live your best ‘hot girl summer’ bold pieces like award-winning South African designer Rich Mnisi latest collection ‘MAFAMBA YEXE’, who embraces the bright colours and shorter styles as seen here in these two-piece, polka-dot ensembles. 


Enter the summer with a theme of renaissance like MrsSandraO’s latest summer collection, drawing inspiration from her covid-19 inspired capsule collection that include knotted designs, net dresses, and two pieces that can dazzle in either a brunch event or a summer wedding. 

Picture: Instagram/mrssandrao

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