Nigerian designer takes on fast fashion with eco-friendly brand


AS sustainable fashion enthusiast Uche Aladimma sorts through discarded denim clothes in an open market in Lagos, Nigeria, a faded sky-blue jacket catches his eye; now he has to decide whether to turn it into an apron, a tote bag or something else.

Aladimma, 28, says he launched the eco-friendly Azach brand in February to fight against fast fashion in Africa’s most populous nation by using second-hand clothes to produce durable streetwear popular with young adults.

“All the materials that we work with are the materials that we can use for a long time… They are clothes that you can pass down to people… upcycle them again,” he said.

An engineering graduate who found his calling in eco-fashion, Aladimma wants to do more to help the environment. He hopes to make furniture using denim one day.

Uche Aladimma. Source: Youtube/REUTERS

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