Rubicon debuts its Autumn/Winter ‘22 collection with a personal touch

African Mirror Reporter

SOUTH African fashion giants Rubicon shook her audience members in a sold out show with the debut of their Autumn/Winter 22’ collection inspired by men’s clothing and bold palettes. 

Heavily inspired by Rubicon founder and designer Hangwani Nengovhela’s late father, Dickson Ralusha, it comes to no surprise that the inclusion of a men’s line is indeed uncharted territory for the brand, however the looks created show that there is no challenge that Rubicon Clothing cannot face.

Rubicon’s autumn/winter ‘22 inspired by Dickson Ralusha. Picture: Supplied

Nengovhela plays around with this new collection incorporating bold colours in asymmetric patterns, while still staying grounded to neutral colours in a tribute collection that helped churn his love for fashion during childhood. 

Having been an established fashion house for almost two decades and beloved favourite in Southern Africa, Rubicon Clothing has continuously proven that the key to staying on top of the fashion world is by paying attention to detail and focus on the true art of fashion.

Rubicon’s autumn/winter ‘22 inspired by Dickson Ralusha. Picture: Supplied

Echoing Rubicon’s message to uplift women everywhere, the collection’s effortless style; form-flattering sophistication, and tailored craftsmanship, the new collection features timeless pieces that will have you looking good as much as you feel good.

“Since the beginning, it has been Rubicon Clothing’s goal to uplift women everywhere. We believe that everyone has a right to feel beautiful, ‘when you look good, you feel good’ that is what every garment embodies and that is what Rubicon Clothing lives by,” said Nengovhela.

Rubicon founder and designer Hangwani Nengovhela. Picture: Supplied

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