19 die, 66 missing in Madagascar boat accident

A boat accident off the coast of northeastern Madagascar killed at least 19 people, and searches were underway to locate 66 passengers who remained unaccounted for, the country’s maritime agency said.

The vessel, a cargo ship that was not authorized to transport people, was overloaded and water flooded the engine, said Mamy Randrianavony, director of operations at sea at the Maritime and River Port Agency (APMF).

There were 130 passengers on board, of which 45 were found alive, travelling from Antanambe to Soanierana Ivongo.

“Searches are underway to locate the other passengers. Three boats have been sent to search,” said Randrianavony.

A search helicopter carrying General Serge Gellé, who heads the national Gendarmerie, crashed at sea late on Monday. Gellé was found alive Tuesday morning after swimming for nearly 12 hours, he said in a video posted to social media. A mechanic on board the helicopter was also found, but two passengers remain unaccounted for.

Gellé was accompanying Prime Minister Christian Ntsay and the Minister of National Defence General Léon Richard Rakotonirina, who had travelled to the region to oversee the search operations in a separate helicopter.

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