An artist returns to his roots to help reconstitute a “lost” kingdom

FOR centuries the Abudu and Andani clans, named after two sons of the ancient Dagbon king, Ya Naa Yakubu I, cordially rotated their reign over the kingdom. But when King Yaa-Naa Yakubu Andani II was assassinated on March 27, 2002, it was as if the gods of anarchy had descended on the once-stable kingdom. Now an artist who remembers the time before the family feud is reminding society of the important cultural icons and traditions it stands to lose if it cannot find its way back to peace.

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Armed with just a paintbrush, an artist takes on COVID-19… and discovers a whole new calling

Disseminating vital information to vulnerable communities in informal settlements during a raging pandemic can be a daunting task. With the hearing-impaired locked out of much of the life-saving messaging on COVID-19, one ingenious artist took to her regular canvas – of walls or anything she could paint on – to make sure that everyone got the message. Now she and her team are providing not only social messaging but even commercial advertising on walls across Kenya.

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