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The Continent Live debuts ‘First Class Vol.1’: A New Era in African Music

THE Continent Live, an innovative incubator for emerging musical talent, proudly announces the inaugural release of the year, “First Class Vol.1″.

In March 2023, the company orchestrated a two-week music songwriting camp, uniting fifty artists, twelve producers, and five songwriters. in a groundbreaking collaborative venture. The result: over seventy complete songs that celebrate the diverse and rich talent flourishing across Africa.


A selection of these tracks, handpicked for their quality and originality, will be released sequentially over the year. “The Continent Live: First Class Vol. One,” the initial offering of this series, marks the start of an exciting journey. The album features seven standout tracks from the writing camp, spotlighting the exceptional artistry of Vondee, Cool Paul, Baba Wvd, Dajon AF, AratheJay, Dove Nicol, Nii Amu, and Reinna. The strategic release of these songs is designed to enhance the profile of each artist, ensuring widespread recognition and increased visibility for the artists and producers involved.


Roland Ohene-Amoako, Founder and CEO of The Continent Live, expresses his excitement: “We’re thrilled to unveil this tape, showcasing incredible songs crafted by talented artists, producers, and writers. It’s just a glimpse into the vast pool of talent Africa has to offer.”


Flower Ft. Vondee x Cool Paul (Prod, By Baba Wvd)
Not Today Ft. Reinna x AlorG x EmmyZain (Prod. By Kayso)
Para Ft. Dajon AF x Versez (Prod. By Nii Amu)
Money Dance Ft. Foreign Flxx x Kweku Afro (Prod. By 2Shuus)
Limit Ft. Arathejay x Dove Nicol (Prod. Baba Wvd)
Special Killa Ft. Dajon AF x Demmi (Prod. Demmi)
Break Me Down Ft. Mullah x Dakare (Prod. C-Tea)

Discover the sound of tomorrow—click the link below to experience the future of music.



The Continent Live is an incubator for emerging artists with a strong focus on the music industry. Based in Ghana, our mission is to become a leading player in the African music industry by producing high-quality music content, offering executive producer services, and operating a talent agency. Through strategic partnerships, a deep understanding of the market, and a commitment to showcasing African musical talent, we aim to connect with the African youth and foster engagement through our platform INSTAGRAM


VONDEE, an emerging artist and skilled songwriter, blends R&B, soul, and pop genres to craft captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. His music delves deep into themes of love, life, and personal growth, resonating profoundly with audiences. Beyond music, Vondee explores his creativity in culinary arts, showcasing his diverse talents and passions. INSTAGRAM

COOL PAUL is a rising star in the Ghanaian music scene captivating audiences with infectious beats and sensational lyrics. He merges AfroFusion and AfroPop rhythms to create his distinctive sound. Cool Paul aspires to become a household name, promoting his distinct sound to engage the vibrant youth. With a growing discography that showcases his innovative approach, he solidifies his position as a force in AfroBeats, promising an exciting future ahead. INSTAGRAM

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BABA WVD, a multi-talented musician, producer, and visionary, possesses a deep appreciation for music across genres. Influenced by a diverse array of styles including Hip-hop, Highlife, Jazz, Soul, EDM, and Afrobeats, he seamlessly merges genres in his productions. With over a decade of experience and collaborations with renowned artists like Sarkodie and Sauti Sol’s Bien, Baba Wvd is on a mission to leave his mark on the African music scene and beyond. INSTAGRAM


REINNA introduces a fresh wave to the female music scene, showcasing her versatility as her voice effortlessly transitions between genres. Reinna’s music can be described as “refreshing as a cool, calm breeze on a hot summer’s day,” embodying a soothing and rejuvenating experience for her audience. Her commanding presence in each song, coupled with heartfelt lyrics, captivates listeners and leaves a lasting impression on the 1rst listen. INSTAGRAM

ALOR G’s music embodies catchiness and playful lyricism, captivating listeners with its unique Row and vibrant tunes, tailored for Gen Z afrobeats enthusiasts. His infectious sound keeps listeners engaged, moving along with the rhythm and beat effortlessly. For AlorG, music is a joyful experience meant to bring pleasure and enjoyment to his audience.

EMMYZAIN – Hailing from Oyo State, Nigeria, Fijabi Hossen Emmanuel, aka “Emmyzain,” is a multifaceted artist known for his skills as a songwriter, singer, and performer. Transitioning from his roots as a dancer in Ibadan, he discovered his musical talent and joined #TWKM (TeamWeKeepMoving). His unique blend of musical genre and captivating stage presence promises a promising future in the world of music.

KAYSO – Born Sony Kwame Owusu, he is a Ghanaian record producer and artist With a diverse portfolio, Kayso has produced singles for renowned artists spanning various genres including Hip Hop, Afrobeats, R&B, Afro swing, Hiplife, and Highlife. Collaborating with a multitude of musicians such as Becca, Kwesi Arthur, and Sarkodie, Kayso’s versatility shines through in his expansive discography, which includes collaborations with industry heavyweights and young emerging talents INSTAGRAM

DAJON AF – influenced by his lifestyle and cultural background, Dajon AF’s music embodies a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary Rair. He officially launched his music career in 2015 in Kasoa, Ghana, where he released several songs and made a mark in the local music scene. Dajon discovered his passion for music through singing and drumming in church during his childhood. His stage name is derived from his biblical name “The John” and the 1rst two letters of his surname, Afolabi. INSTAGRAM

VERSEZ, an afrobeat sensation hailing from Ghana, blends traditional African rhythms with contemporary beats, reflecting his country’s rich musical heritage. Raised and surrounded by music, Versez pursued his passion for music from an early age, strengthening his skills as a singer-songwriter. His catalogue boasts a series of hit singles and collaborations, characterized by infectious rhythms and memorable melodies. With his talent and dedication, Versez is poised to become a prominent figure in Afrobeats, proudly representing Ghana on the global stage. INSTAGRAM

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FOREIGN FLXX is an Afro alternative and Afro slime artist hailing from Nigeria but based in Accra, Ghana. With a musical journey spanning 1ve years, he embodies the essence of “Alte” music, a lifestyle that shapes his perspective on life. Through his music and style, Fortune aims to inspire others and share the lessons he’s learned from the Alte movement. Music serves as his means of expression, allowing him to connect with listeners on a profound level regardless of cultural differences, tapping into universal emotions and feelings. INSTAGRAM

KWEKU AFRO – A seasoned performer, The Maestro, thrives on perseverance and a relentless pursuit of success in the music realm. Kweku Afro, hailed as one of Accra’s premier live band vocalists, seamlessly integrates his diverse talents as a songwriter, producer, dancer, and instrumentalist. Kweku Afro’s rapid growth and seamless integration with various bands highlight his adaptability and skill set. With a visionary outlook that transcends earthly boundaries, he aspires for his music to reverberate across all dimensions, leaving a lasting “love vibration” in its wake.

ARATHEJAY, born Ankrah Samuel Ofei, is a versatile Ghanaian artist excelling in songwriting, singing, and rapping. Having spent his formative and early teenage years in Kenya, he made his mark on the Ghanaian music scene with “YARD,” featuring Tulenkey, and on Mr Eazi’s EMPAWA platform. With hits like “SANKOFA” featuring Wise Shady and a remix with King Promise, AratheJay consistently delivers melodic hooks and verses. Notable releases include “HIGH” featuring Korshi T, “ONOA,” “2000 & ODESHI,” and his recent track “CHOSEN,” produced by Rankingmadeit, gaining traction on DSPs and airwaves in Ghana and beyond. INSTAGRAM

DOVE NICOL – Combining modern Afrobeats with her African heritage hailing from Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Ghana, Dove Nicol embodies the Afro-fusion genre. She draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences like Fela Kuti and Adele. As a storyteller, Dove’s music reflects her life experiences and emotions, imbued with spirituality and authenticity. With a mission to inspire others and defy limitations, Dove Nicol uses her music as a platform to advocate for resilience and self-discovery. INSTAGRAM

DEMMI seamlessly blends Afro beats with melodic lyrics, aiming to evoke happiness through his music. Influenced by Burna Boy, Buju, CKay, and others, Demmi’s versatility allows him to excel across various genres. Taking a hands-on approach, he handles the production, recording, mixing, and mastering of many of his songs. His discography includes tracks like “Minimum Wage,” “Dodo,” “Lisa,” and more, showcasing his diverse musical talents and creative vision INSTAGRAM

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MULLAH, an Afrobeats artist and rapper hailing from Ashaiman, Ghana, draws inspiration from a diverse array of musical influences spanning from legends like Michael Jackson and Bob Marley to contemporary stars like Omah Lay and Burna Boy. His music seamlessly fuses traditional Ghanaian rhythms with Afro-pop and contemporary dance beats, with smooth vocals and catchy hooks. Mullah’s songs resonate with fans of all ages, touching on themes of love, relationships, and life’s challenges INSTAGRAM

DAKARE – Born Keren Ose Robert Dakare, draws inspiration from his Nigerian roots, particularly the south-south geopolitical zone, symbolized by his name meaning “Soldiers.” As an Afro-pop, Afro-soul, and Alternative artist based in Ghana, Dakare began his musical journey in 2020 with tracks like “Pretty Lady” and “Private Place,” while re1ning his style. In 2021, he unveiled the EP “Thick Love by Dakare” alongside the release of “Jide,” marking significant strides in his burgeoning discography. INSTAGRAM

NII AMU – Since his musical debut in 2017 as both a producer and rapper, Nii Amu has aimed to create music that resonates with listeners on an emotional and intellectual level. InRuenced by artists like Travis Scott, Zoocci Coke Dope, and Burna Boy, he consistently delivers exceptional music, whether producing or performing. His catalogue includes tracks like “Huzzah,” “Sin,” “Uncle Ebo,” and “Gye Gye Wo,” showcasing his versatility and talent. Nii strives to establish himself as one of Ghana’s premier musical talents INSTAGRAM

2SHUUS stumbled into music production through a chance encounter with his cousin’s studio, evolving into a versatile producer adept at caring for diverse genres like hip-hop, drill, highlife, afrobeat, amapiano, and R&B. His creative process revolves around his mood, with inspiration drawn from listening to music to refresh himself. Influenced by Killbeatz, Guiltybeatz, and C-tea, who hail from his background, 2Shuus is inspired by their success and serves as a testament to the possibilities of achieving greatness from humble beginnings. INSTAGRAM


C-TEA, a Grammy award-winning producer, singer, and songwriter, boasts an impressive discography featuring collaborations with artists such as Sarkodie, Patoranking, and Davido. Notably, he recorded and mixed Swazi rapper 80 Script’s EP “You Do The Dishes.” His contributions extend to Black Coffee’s Grammy-winning album “Subconsciously” in 2022, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the music industry. INSTAGRAM

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