‘Rihanna by Rihanna ‘ – on Vogue’s cover


RIHANNA has graced yet another one of Vogue’s sought after covers, and got captured in the best way – through her own eyes. 

Rihanna posed as the cover star for Vogue Italia’s June issue, rocking an edgy, minimalist aesthetic in a photoshoot that was directed and styled by the singer herself, for the issue titled “The Do-It-Yourself issue”.

 “Rihanna By Rihanna!” Vogue Italia explained on social media. “When for our Do It Yourself issue Rihanna Did It Herself photographing and styling her own cover.” 

Rihanna for Vogue Italia. Picture: Instagram/badgalriri

“On set Rihanna played simultaneously the artist and the muse, the observer and the observed, the director and the character, experimenting on the fine line that exists between the two sides of an artist,” the fashion publication added.

In the editorial, Emanuele Farneti writes about how by allowing the singer-turned-business mogul to take the reins in her own cover shoot, it was Vogue’s way of experimenting with photoshoots from the perspective of the protagonist. 

“If there was a right moment for this new experiment, it could only be the DIY issue, and there could not be a better subject than Rihanna – so many times on the covers, but never like this time in the version in which she and only she chose to show themselves, without filters and mediations,” Farneti wrote.

Rihanna by Rihanna. Picture: Instagram/vogueitalia

Known for her daring and trendy street looks, as well as her success in her past collaborations with Puma, and her current SavagexFenty lingerie brand, 

The singer dresses herself in looks by Raf Simons, Versace and Valentino among others, effortlessly pulling them off in layers that could effortlessly describe Rihanna’s persona. 

Despite being well-known as an award-winning singer, Rihanna is a multi-layered person who has succeeded in areas like fashion, music and art – where she allowed her creativity and ambitions to reign free. 

The Vogue Italia cover sends Rihanna into the Big Four club, as the only other singer to do so after Madonna. Other major names who have achieved this fashion feat include Gisele Bundchen; Naomi Campbell; Gigi Hadid; Adut Akech and Cindy Crawford. 

Occasionally referred to as ‘The Big 4’, the club features cover stars who have featured in the 4 most notable Vogue covers; American Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia. 

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