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Fluence Africa Festival empowers micro creators 

ACCORDING TO IT Web, the creator economy is set to top R 689 million by 2027. The social media landscape is witnessing a meteoric rise in the influencer marketing industry. 

This shift in consumer behaviour has opened a golden door for brands. Forecasts predict continued explosive growth in influencer marketing, with businesses projected to allocate a significant portion of their marketing budgets to partner with these social media stars. 

Fueled by the ever-growing user base on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, influencers are no longer just personalities, and brands have responded to the growth with projections of marketing budgets allocating significant portions to social media collaborations. 

This puts the second annual Fluence Africa Influencer Festival in an excellent position to become Africa’s premier gathering for influencers and brands. 

Scheduled to take place on 20thApril 2024 at Arena Events in Johannesburg, South Africa, this festival provides a platform for digital content creators to empower themselves with the latest industry insights and foster connections with consumer brands.

In a rapidly evolving social media landscape where gaining and retaining followers (and audiences) is increasingly competitive, the festival organisers believe that an event like the Fluence Africa Influencer Festival is ideal to provide expert learning experiences, resourceful tools and engagement opportunities with leading consumer brands. 

The festival is an event designed with the clear purpose to empower and uplift African micro-influencers. Recognising the potential and unique perspectives of micro-influencers, this festival aims to provide a platform where they can immerse themselves for one day in the dynamic world of digital influence. 

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The inaugural event showcased 250 rising micro-influencers and 18 celebrity influencers, along with leading South African brands. For their second iteration, the festival boasts a full day of insights from South Africa’s foremost media and brand personalities. 

Themes at the festival will revolve around digital brand strategy, content marketing, social media marketing, personalisation, SEO, community management, and understanding consumer behaviour.

Panels and masterclasses will cover a range of thought-leaders sharing their expertise, practical advice and topical issues impacting the influencer world. 

The latest insights on lifestyle trends, Gen-Z engagement research, technology and AI and invaluable business tools for influencers, are just some of the discussion panel topics to keep audiences engaged. 

In addition, the festival will shed light on strategies for fostering genuine brand partnerships that align with influencers’ platforms and connecting followers with resonant brands. 

For marketers leading the charge in social media marketing, the festival offers a chance to collaborate with creative content creators to amplify brand stories. 

Brands attending can showcase their products, interact directly with influencers, and create immersive brand experiences that encourage content creation during the event.

Tickets are available on Quicket

By Mpho Rantao