Unique project to clean streets of Johannesburg


JOHANNESBURG – one of Africa’s biggest cities that was once called “The City of Gold”  – has embarked  on a unique clean up project aimed at restoring it to its former glory.

Through the new project, volunteers will earn money from keeping the streets of Johannesburg clean.

Through the Street Volunteers Network, a project of the Clean South Africa,  volunteers adopt parts of or an entire street which they will keep clean.

Dalu Cele, CEO of Clean South Africa said a network of volunteers would conduct weekly cleaning-up events of the streets and open space where they live, every Saturday between 9 am and 11 am.

“The Adopt a Street Volunteers Network is a community-based initiative that unites the residents of Johannesburg in working towards a common goal of restoring the inner city to its former glory,” Cele said.

He said volunteers will, with each shift, earn points that will count towards an airtime of grocery voucher. He explained that each volunteer will earn 1 points for each shift worked. After 12 shifts, a participant will be able to redeem their points at a Shoprite Checkers for a food voucher, a data or a R300 airtime voucher from a service provider of their choice.

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Cele said the vouchers are funded through donation received by Clean City South Africa.

All the clean up projects are implemented within strict COVID-19 restrictions and protocols. No volunteer will be allowed to work without a mask, gloves and a COVID-19 screening.

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