Teachify: A gap in SA education system identified

THROUGHOUT the years, young people have been taught that the most effective way to become successful in life is to get formal education which will hopefully give them a chance at being employed. However, as times are changing, excessive high unemployment rates are making it difficult for new entrants to be absorbed by the job market. 

Furthermore, traditional approaches to education mean that when students leave the schooling system, they are not well suited to what the job market requires. To make things worse, the education system has never put an emphasis on preparing students to be confident enough to start and run their own businesses. 

This is where Teachify saw an opportunity. Teachify believes in the potential of South African youth if they are coached and directed in the right direction, with the necessary tools and capacity. To this end, Teachify is introducing innovative learning programs that are benchmarked on solid theoretical foundations whilst providing practical interventions that reinforce learning. This combination drastically improves the chances of young people to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Director and Coach at Teachify, Mncedisi Mabhele said: “The current South African market is unable to employ the millions of unemployed people because the economy has not been performing well for a while now. Teachify realises that the unemployed have a contribution to make for the economy to perform better. Therefore, we empower people to self-identify business opportunities and build successful ventures. We do not heavily only lean on theory, but we also teach practical skills needed for a modern entrepreneur to be successful. We believe all entrepreneurs should be able to sell, market their brand, oversee operations, and so forth. As experienced entrepreneurs ourselves, we are best placed to offer this to the market.”

Teachify currently has offices in East London and Centurion, together with a fully-fledged virtual classroom for online Teachify. The organisation provides learning opportunities that invigorate school leavers and other young people into successful entrepreneurs that can operate in any industry.

According to Annelisa Ogle, Business Development Consultant at Teachify: “What sets us apart from what universities are offering in the country is the realistic and practical aspect of our programs. Our course material is not only theory-based but has well-thought-out practical exercises that force students to think on their feet and creatively. We want to produce real entrepreneurs who will be making money by the time they are done with our course.”

Teachify does not only offer face-to-face entrepreneurial courses but will soon be launching fully online programs/courses that cover skills such as data science, project management, analytics, etc. These courses that are in high demand both locally and globally.

The organisation, through its course material, practical activities and mentoring believes that it will produce successful entrepreneurs and world-class professionals who will change the fortunes of South Africa.

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