Nina Stamper empowers with the languages of love


LOVE comes in many forms and it often desires one to share how they want to be loved and how they want to love their beloved – that’s where Nina Stamper comes in. 

A new-age singer and songwriter from Gugulethu, the home of some of the most world’s recognised jazz musicians (like Winston Mankunku Ngozi), in Cape Town, South Africa, Stamper sends the message of what women have gone through all in the name of love whether it be self-love or romance. 

A feel good song, Language of love, is as inspirational as it is soulful for those who believe in love itself or the idea of it. 

The Album artwork for ‘Language of Love’. Picture: Twitter

Stamper encourages partners to pay attention to how they treat each other, encourages them to be open and honest with how they wish to be treated, and to be patient and fair to one another. 

Growing up with an innate passion for performing, Stamper immersed herself in growing her vocal range and starting her career as a singer, releasing her first 13-track debut LP, Unleashed, in 2012. 

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All of Stamper’s versatile music reflects her own life experiences and that of women, sowing her provoking words into melodies of aspiration and joy; much like her latest single.

In a new liberated generation who are immensely expressive and confident in their love languages, this song has a message for everyone.

Listen to it here.

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