Satanic Church uproar


There was calm before the proverbial storm.

Three months ago, when what is thought to be Africa’s first Satanic Church opened its doors, it was met with relative calm that bordered on no reaction at all. 

However, three months after the South African daily newspaper The Citizen, broke news and the South African Satanic Church church opened its doors, South Africans have woken up, at least on Twitter, where a Twar of biblical proportions erupted.

Co-founders Adri Norton and Riaan Swiegelaar told Independent Online (IOL) that they are not devil worshippers and that, despite what many believe, the church does not perform any sacrifices of humans or animals. New members also do not have to go through an initiation ceremony.  

‘Our organisation does not even allow anyone under 18 to partake in any gatherings, ceremonies or rituals. We do not yet have the rights but are negotiating to translate the Satanic Bible into Afrikaans. We will then be the first organisation to do so,” Swiegelaar told IOL.

The storm on Twitter revealed people’s contrasting views.

  • @chaotic_sa said: “If the government allowed satanic church in South Africa, it means the government is also satanic!”
  • Brain Makara, @Author_Makara said: “This is madness. I know God is powerful than satan. We need to serve only God, the creator of heaven and earth”.
  • “So that is the end result of having a #Satanic Church in SA…What’s next.. Witchcraft church” asked Geminix (@42699X).
  • Ngithe NGINENTOMBI said: “I personally don’t see what the fuss about  SA’s “first satanic church” when funds are being looted, congregants are being raped, kidnapped, sprayed with DOOM, fed snakes, rats and petrol ALREADY in the name of Christianity”.
  • @DiegoSaidSo (Valar Morghulis) said: “Yes, there’s a satanic church in SA. Satan never said anything all this time. It’s about time he gave us his account of things.”
  • @VanessaKay_M said: “There’s different kinds of churches in SA, why are y’all so mad about there being a Satanic Church? Pray to your God and leave others alone.”
  • @_Ntenteng said: South Africa is an open game for the devil. The problem is the leaders we have, how do you allow such in your country, why don’t this satanic church go to other countries other than SA?”
  • @Shoni_M (Shoni Mushathama) said; “This #the satanic church thing is witchcraft that went to private! No weapon formed against us SA citizens shall prosper shem…back to sender…fire!”
  • @Prince_Geta said: “#The satanic church is protected under the freedom of religion. Your Bible isn’t above the Bill of Rights. Human rights matter here, this is South Africa and not Afghanistan.”
  • @bela_3005 was happy. “Anywhooo, my atheist ass is excited about the opening of the first Satanic church in SA. Wish I Was still in Cpt.”
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