Erica Nlewedim: from Big Brother to big glam


ERICA Ngozi Nlewedim has quickly risen to the top of Nigeria’s elite celebrity culture after her appearance in Big Brother Nigeria (BB Naija) – becoming Nigeria’s favourite socialite. 

The Abia state native entered the Big Brother competition in 2019 with the expectation to win, but Nlewedim ended up being disqualified from the competition. 

However, her dramatic exit did not stop her growing fanbase and popularity – the former contestant grew to become a popular influencer across West Africa, and fans began to love her more not just for her authentic personality but also for her sophisticated sense of style. 

Nlewedim’s growth has pushed the star to starting her own businesses, becoming ambassador for different brands (like Swarovski) and making features on the big screens. It is as though the limelight and high fashions were destined to find her. 

The socialite’s most recent look was her appearance at the 2021 edition of the Headies Awards. Erica Nlewedim opted for a soft tulle gown designed by MIDÉ, with precious beads and cowries and hand-painted with an image of Oya, an ancient Yoruba goddess.

Erica in MIDE for the 2021 Headies Awards. Picture: Instagram/ericanlewedim

Nlewedim’s Instagram feed has shown that the socialite has not been shy from collaborating with popular couture designers from Nigeria and other parts of Africa. 

Picture: Instagram/ericanlewedim

Picture: Instagram/ericandlewedim

Nlewedim has also become a budding actress, having appeared on Africa Magic, IROKO TV and the silver screen through films such as ‘Hire A Woman’, ‘Royal Castles’ and ‘My Flatmates’. She even co-produced her first film while studying at the Met Film School in London, ‘Mercy Mercy’, which was directed by Emmanuel Donaldson in Birmingham. 

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“The school is right in the Ealing studios where parts of big movies… were shot. We got to experience firsthand how the big-budget Hollywood and European movies are produced”, Nlewedim said.

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