Nigerian artist’s exhibition showcases food preservation methods

IN his latest exhibition, Nigerian artist Olufela Omokeko is exploring the importance of food preservation in a country where food is often spoiled due to a lack of quick access to markets and cold storage.

During a recent art exhibition in Iwaya, a slum in the commercial capital Lagos, guests also had the chance to taste Omokeko’s puree from dried tomatoes, peppers and local spices as he showcased age-old traditions on how to extend the shelf life of perishable food.

Nicknamed “son of a pepper seller,” Omokeko grew up seeing women who sell perishables at their homes or at the market throw away food because it was rotted.

That problem remains, and Omokeko hopes to show Nigerians who come to his exhibitions how to dry and blend food to preserve its lifespan while maintaining the taste.

Nigerian artist Olufela Omokeko sets up an exhibition of fresh pepper motive at a gallery in Iwaya, Lagos, Nigeria January 30, 2021. REUTERS/Seun Sanni

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