Zimbabwe police arrested for firing tear gas into bus full of commuters


THE Zimbabwean government has suspended seven police officers after a video of commuters leaping from the bus after teargas was fired into it, went viral.

Footage of bus commuters jumping from the bus through windows and teargas smoke billowing out of the bus were shared on social media.

“Police brutality in Zimbabwe has reached shocking heights. They threw multiple teargas canisters into a bus filled with citizens threatening many lives with death by asphyxiation. We cannot breathe. There is a crisis in Zimbabwe. Retweet for awareness,” said Fadzayi Mahere, who shared the video on Twitter.

The Zimbabwean Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting said it had been made aware of an incident near the Harare Showground where “a team of seven police officers were arrested for deploying teargas in an occupied bus”.

“They will face charges. The crew of the bus have also been arrested as the bus in question was driven by a tout,” the ministry said in a message posted on social media.

The platform was also used by Zimbabweans to share their anger at the action of the police.

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