Janet Jackson endorses #Jerusalema!


FRESH from an endorsement by Cristiano Ronaldo, the world best footballer, South African viral hit and dance sensation #Jerusalema has received the thumbs up from the queen of pop – Janet Jackson.

Jackson posted a video of a South African girl dancing to #Jerusalema, the hit song and dance whose video has been watched over 100-million times on social media and has had doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers, monks and other celebrities around the world dancing.

Jackson posted the video on Twitter and said: “Get it sis! #Goingin # BlackMagic @MasterKGsa.”

The popular song was featured in Ronaldo’s Instagram reel which he posted on Instagram feed. The footage featured a social gathering that Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez hosted with their close friends and family. 

Although the footage does not clearly show the group or the footballer performing the popular choreography from the trending Jerusalema challenge, fans were still overjoyed by the use of the song in his video and that the song was still making waves in other parts of the globe.

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MasterKG said the next milestone for the song, which features musician Nomcebo, is the 200-millionmark.

Master KG is a happy man. “I remember last year 29 August 2019, 10pm, making #Jerusalema with @Nomcebozikode. We never thought it would go this far. This shows that God has time for everything. Thank you (to) everyone involved in the success of the song,” he said.

Following the phenomenal success of #Jerusalema, Master KG has amassed a huge following in South Africa, Africa and the world. Many have flooded social media platforms with tributes to the talent of a musician who has become the face of South African music.

The government of South Africa has appointed him and Nomcebo as cultural ambassadors.

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