FW de Klerk hospitalised

APARTHEID South Africa’s last president FW de Klerk has been admitted to a hospital for cancer treatment. 

The FW De Klerk Foundation has however rejected reports that suggested that the former president had been admitted to a hospital after his health had taken a turn for the worst.

In a statement, the foundation said: “There have been extensive media reports that Mr De Klerk’s health is ‘rapidly deteriorating’. This is not so. There has been no discernible deterioration in his health since he was diagnosed in March with mesothelioma –  a cancer  that affects the lining of the lungs. He is now considering the continuation of the course of immunotherapy that he has been following for the past two months. Mr De Klerk attended a meeting of the FW de Klerk Foundation Board yesterday – and comes into his office three or four times a week. He and his wife, Elita, hope to travel to Greece for a holiday as soon as COVID regulations permit.”


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