Ex-president Zuma’s foundation attacks Deputy Judge President


THE Jacob Zuma Foundation (JZF) has launched a scathing and unprecedented attack on the second most senior judge in South Africa.

The foundation has attacked Deputy Judge President Raymond Zondo, chair of a judicial commission of inquiry into the capture of the state by corrupt individuals, civil servants and politicians, accusing him of, among others, bias and obsession.

The JZF was reacting to the tough stance taken by Zondo who on Friday said he would hear an application to issue summons against Zuma and said the dates for his appearance before the commission were not negotiable.

The JZF accused Zondo of playing to the gallery.

“It is inappropriate for the judiciary to use the media to tarnish the reputation of parties in legal proceedings just to seek a favour with the media at the expense of the process and other witnesses,” the foundation said. 

The JZF described Zondo’s “attack” on Zuma and his lawyers was “unjustified and prejudicial’.

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It accused Zuma of lacking courage when faced with open defiance by “certain people”, who refused to appear before the commission. “He has not called a press conference to respond to Minister Pravin Jamnadsas Gordhan when he failed even to file an affidavit to explain his non-appearance. This inconsistency and fear of the powerful is not expected from the man who occupies the second highest office in the judiciary,” the foundation said in a statement.

The JZF called on Zondo not to allow “personal issues” with Zuma to blind his judgment. 

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