Naomi Campbell and Elsa Majimbo link up in Kenya


NAOMI Campbell travelled to Africa for a special conversation with the continent’s viral star, Elsa Majimbo, as part of her online ‘No Filter With Naomi’ YouTube series. 

The thirty-three minute video released on Tuesday featured the two black women sharing laughs in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, over Majimbo’s signature sunglasses and packet of crisps (which the latter uses as props) and her instant rise to fame.

“I would share this packet with you, but these chips were very expensive”, Majimbo joked as she showed Campbell her current favourite flavour featured in her short videos.   

The comedian explained to Campbell that the original aim of her videos were to keep herself entertained, “I never imagined making them for a fanbase”, Majimbo explained. 

“I get to meet people like you, so it’s just an amazing shift from just doing things, because initially I used to make this video just, you know, for me, I never even used to make them for my Flello. So, I would, I would make videos and I would laugh. I would just be like, you’re so funny”.

Majimbo’s short videos grabbed the attention of a large fanbase who enjoyed her witty, rhetorical remarks on employment, socialising and covid-19. 

The second half of 2020 saw Majimbo receiving awards for her comedic work – including from the People’s Choice Awards and most recently GQ’s Entertainer of the Year. 

Elsa Majimbo and Naomi Campbell in Kenya. Picture: Youtube 

Equipped with her sense of humour and confident in her skills as a comedian, Majimbo recollected the times that her fans praised her videos or complimented her, asking the comedian to never lose her passion or her famous props. 

“It feels so natural, especially when I pick up my phone and I remember after the first video that went out and then finally I felt like I felt a bit of pressure to, like, even write a script and, you know, do this whole thing and go into editing. I did that once, and I’m never doing it again. It felt so off”, she said. 

“I didn’t think other people found me funny. And during the covid pandemic, people were just like, oh, you giving me so much, you make me so happy, you’re making me laugh. And I was like, OK, this is actually something I can do. This is something I can get into”, she told Campbell. 

Majimbo, who was a former journalism student, spoke of her recent interactions with popular celebrities like American model Chrissy Teigen, and receiving packages from popular brands like Rihanna’s luxury collection ‘FENTY’. 

She also highlighted the power in social media and uplifting the voices of dark-skinned people, something Naomi Campbell understood very well, with her long-committance to uplifting and pushing for more dark-skin visibility in the media and in fashion. 

“It’s lighter skinned people are given more opportunities and I’m made to feel like we can’t succeed. I was made to feel like just because, you know, I’m darker skinned, that I was maybe less pretty, and I had less chance of being successful”, Majimbo said.

Despite it being their first physical interaction together, Campbell continued to speak praises of Majimbo, ending the conversation with her famous words of advice. 

I feel like you are the new Africa. The new Africa. I cannot wait to see you again, but I will advise you to keep to yourself. Don’t let them change you”.

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