Nigerian businessman killed, dismembered


NEW York Police have started a manhunt to find a suspected cold-blooded killer who dismembered Fahim Saleh, the CEO of Nigerian bike-hailing company Gokada, in his $2-million 7th floor apartment.

Family, friends and business associates of Saleh (33) were shocked by his brutal murder. According to reports from New York, police are looking for the suspected killer who fled the scene of the crime just moments before Saleh’s sister arrived at the crime scene. Police suspect that the sister’s arrival disturbed the killer, who they believe planned to clean the apartment and dispose of the body.

The killer left behind the electric saw used to cut up his body as well as cleaning materials.

Media in New York report that police investigators believed the motive behind the grisly murder was a business deal gone bad.

Saleh started Gokada in Lagos two years ago. He grew the company which provides on-demand, flexible transport service to get around the city’s hours-long traffic jams and congestion, into a multi-million dollar operation.

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